Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is what the MRM is talking about

Glenn Sacks put this up earlier today.

Alright most of us agree that minors should not have sex and in fact it is a crime to have sex with a minor. Well when two minors have "consensual" sex how does one go about dealing out punishment?

Well it seems that Pastorius Elementary School has decided that when a young teenage boy and girl have "consensual" sex only the boy should get in trouble. In this particular case the young boy was suspended for first 5 then 10 days from school while she received no punishment.

What kind of lesson do you teach your young girls and boys when you have two kids break the school rules but only one of them gets punished. Yes I know you're thinking double standard and you're correct to do so. This isn't the first time a female has gotten preferential treatment over a male (and damn sure won't be the last).

A couple of kids have sex and only one gets in trouble. Suspending them both would make sense. Not suspending either of them until the matter was investigated would make sense. But based on the info in that story it makes no sense that he got suspended and she walked away scot free.

PS: Yeah and I also notice that his name is dropped in the first sentence and then mentioned 10 more times. Take a moment to count how many times her name was mentioned.

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BigFred said...

Yeah, I saw this earlier today on his site and thought it was unfair too (based upon the information that we currently know). We've got very outdated ideas on dealing with consensual sex of minors.