Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is what feminism is talking about

Renee put this up earlier today.

Okay I'm sure most of you will agree that violence is wrong and in the idea world no one would have to even consider resorting to it. However we do not live in an ideal world and violence is a common thing in this non-ideal world.

In fact many people go by sayings like "violence begets violence", "two wrongs do make a right", "an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind" and so on. But what if you are in trapped in a situation in which your body, and possibly your very life, is in danger? Would you be able to commit violence in order to prevent violence from being committed against yourself?

Well Charris Bowers was willing to do such a thing. However it would seem that committing violence in self-defense is a crime. Kinda reminds you of grade school when the bully would pick on someone until they fought back but the teacher would then deal punishment the kid that fought back instead of the bully.

A woman's husband tries to force her to have sex when she didn't want to so she fights back. If anything I would say perhaps both of them getting arrested until things could be sorted out but to only arrest one of them is not right at all.

PS: However Renee did mention one thing that I don't fully agree with.
Loranna didn't cut off her husbands penis because she got bored one day, she did it in response to the abusive relationship that she was involved in.

I wouldn't have a problem with what Loranna did if she had cut his penis off during a struggle or came at him head on. No she did it in the middle of the night while he was sleep. Yeah she just happen to snap while he was defenseless... One could say she pulled a Mary Winkler but since this came first I guess you could say Mary Winkler pulled a Loranna Bobbit.