Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I knew they could see eye to eye! Part 2

Okay last time I was talking about how the Feministing community was raking Britney Spear's new video, "Womanizer".

About a day or so ago I saw Glenn Sacks talking about the same video but from a different angle than the Feministing community.

Now instead of talking about one of the myths of male sexuality ("Men always want sex therefore its okay to treat them badly.") Glenn chose to focus on the violence the man in the video suffers at the hands of women and how it is received by an audience.

In his post he links to a clip of Good Morning America and the hostesses are talking about Britney. While talking there is a clip of the Womanizer video playing. Why does the audience cheer when Britney kicks the guy in the crotch?

I'm pretty sure that there is no way a mainstream male pop singer could get away with treating a woman like that. Try to imagine if Justine Timberlake was throwing a woman around like that, getting ganged up on and groped by group of men, kicked in the crotch, and then when he was "done" with her just tossed her to the side.

Male against female violence is definitely wrong but for some reason it gets policed more than female against male violence. If you look at out culture (namely sitcoms) you will see how violence against a woman is treated as serious business (as it should) while violence against a man is funny at best and encouraged (passed off as "empowering") at worst. And there is one simple reason why such things go on on tv, music, and commercials.


You know those same producers I talked about in part one that are willing to drag one group through the mud in order to gain the approval of the other groups? They are at work here too, feeding stereotypes about men. "A man can't be hurt by a woman." "A man can't be raped by a woman." "A man should never attack a woman but if a woman attacks a man then he must have done something to deserve it." "A woman can't rape a man." "If he had an erection then that means he wanted."(So far I've only heard that one from women, go figure.)

These days such myths and stereotypes are politically correct therefore its okay to play off of them.

I'd really like to see the day when those things are not only no longer politically correct but all pointed out for the sexist, misandrist, nonsense they are.

Okay you have a video that is clearly offensive to men and both sides recognize it. Why it is good to see that they do that alone is not what made me think to do this post. One more part to go.

(I know this seems jumbled but I had to get these thoughts down somewhere so I can sort through them.)