Friday, December 19, 2008

It's illegal to fight off a stranger?

I have a scenario. Imagine you are the parent of a 12 year old girl. A breaker goes out and you send said 12 year old daughter to reset it. Once your daughter gets outside three men in a van pull up and try to drag her off, calling her a prostitute.

You're inside the house and you hear your daughter screaming for help. What do you?

I think it's safe to assume that anyone reading this would have rushed outside at top speed ready to lay someone the fuck out for attacking their child right? And more than likely it said defense would be justified right? Apparently this is not always the case.

Read about this incident from about 2 years ago that is still haunting an innocent family.

Yes you read that right. Three cops who were responding to a report that three white prostitutes were soliciting a white male and a black male. Well it would seem that even after going to the wrong house they mistook the young girl for one of the protitutes in question because she had on "tight shorts". Nevermind the fact that this young girl is African-American though.

You would think that it would end there right? Oh no its not that easy. After getting out of the hospital for two black eyes and throat and ear drum injuries (I wonder if they had the right woman would they still have started off with such rough treatment. I though you had to identify yourself as a cop before moving for the arrest...) it would seem that the police decided that the girl and her father who went out to help her after hearing her scream for her Daddy have been arrested for assulting a peace officer.

So there you have it. A girl fights back against strangers (the cops were in plain clothes) who are trying to drag her off and her dad comes out swinging to protect her like a parent should and they get arrested for it. It goes without saying that this is more than likely that this arrest is nothing more than the city trying to save face. The police don't want to admit they screwed up by going to the wrong location so now they want to cover it up by crying that they were "just doing their job".

A little girl is terrorized by the police and a father that fought to protect his daughter are they are the criminals?