Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I guess the gong was broken...

Saw this today over at Bikerbernie's.

Okay first off yes I do think that some of the stuff he was talking about in his routine was offensive. Most of the time when someone goes off on a comedian all you hear about is the fact that said comedian said something offensive and they check some privilege or something like that. What I want to talk about (and other than at Bikerbernie's I've yet to hear a peep about this from anywhere else) is the fact that one of the two women that confronted him on stage actually punched him.

I have no problem with the fact that they thought his material was offensive. I have no problem with the fact that they wanted to say something about it. But attacking him? They could have walked out. They could have continued shouting at him. Hell they could have even somehow got a mike of their own and cracked jokes on him until the crowd turned against him (well they were shouting some jokes about him but if I heard them right they were the usual "insert insult about a man's sexual performance that women like to resort to" stuff.

Anyone reading this is gonna have one hell of a time convincing me that if two guys ran up on stage and one of them punched Paul Poundstone in the middle of a set they would not have landed in jail. The bouncers would have descended on them like vultures.

The fact that a woman can just walk up to a man and punch him in the head ON FILM and not get pounced on...


frau sally benz said...

This is one of those annoying double standards that are supposed to "benefit" women. Um... no.

It's wrong for a woman to resort to violence, just as it's wrong for a man to resort to violence as well. People think "women aren't strong anyway, what harm can she do?" but that's such crap. If something is wrong for one group, it should be wrong for everyone.

Danny said...

I'm not so sure about those quotation marks on that benefit. Having been on the short end of that stick all my life I can safely say that women do indeed get a benefit out of that double standard. Not all women make use of it but a lot of them do and won't think twice about envoking it.