Thursday, December 4, 2008

Good idea....Bad idea...

After years ofhelplessness at the hands of the husbands that abandoned and beat them and the corrupt police officials that would not help them women of India's northern Uttar Pradesh state's Banda have decided to band together to form The Gulabi Gang.

Now I'm sure that most people will agree that there is nothing wrong with using force, even lethal force, against someone that is attacking you and threatening your life. However if this story is true (with emphasis on the if its true part). I think someone has either gone a bit too far or the Minority Report Rule is in effect.

It would seem that in order to resolve the conflict that has been tearing two villages in Papua New Guinea apart for the last 20 years the women of the villages decided to kill all newborn boys. Apparently the train of though is that men cause conflict therefore if there are no men there will be no conflict. Get it? Instead of killing the ones that are actually causing the conflict just kill ALL the males so that there is absolutely no chance that conflict will break out. Why wait until they actually commit the crime when you can just kill them before they are even old enough to comprehend what crime, violence, and murder are?

Now you have two instances in which violence is being used in the name of justice but I'm sure you can tell that they are not the same. In one case you have people fighting back against their actual attackers. In the other you have people preemptively wiping out an entire gender on a count of the future violence they might cause.

And don't think I didn't notice the biased reporting in the PNG story. In the Gulagi Gang coverage the article is correctly focused on the women who have suffered at the hands of evil husbands and corrupt police. But for some odd reason in the PNG story its all about the women who were forced to commit such horrible crimes (I guess it really does hurt the parent more than the child...). But considering that there are no victims to speak to the reporters had to take whatever information they could get.

I really hope that this is story in Papua New Guinea is not true (from what I can tell people are still trying to verify it and there are some claiming that it is not real) because it if is I really don't see why they should be allowed to get away with village wide gendercide like that but more importantly to think that an entire generation of boys is gone is just shocking.

(PS - I'm kinda upset over the fact that in some of the comment sections on sites with the PNG story is posted there are people actually saying that exterminiting all those boys was a good idea. Misandry at its finest...)