Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Even after A Thousand Years our bond is still Unbreakable. I thank my Lucky stars that I Found You.

I know I said I was gonna ease off the song title link posts (mainly for the sake of saving ideas) but its been right at month since my last one. And besides I can't leave Sally hanging. Once a month sounds like a good frequency for these so here goes.

Sting - A Thousand Years
I remember first hearing this song back in 2003 on the way to the funeral of the mother of a former boss of mine. Let me tell from what I gathered of the woman I was riding with (my current boss at the time) I would have never guess she was into Sting. Honestly up to that point the only Sting song I knew of was Desert Rose. I need to go look up more of his stuff.

Alicia Keys - Unbreakable
To put it shortly the woman has soul and can work a piano like no other. She has been in the spotlight for the last several years and she was writing for other artists before that if I'm not mistaken. I can so see Alicia being around for a very, very long time.

Biff Naked - Lucky
I'm sure I'm not the only person that noticed that this song was used in not one but two vampire dramas. Just about everyone knows about Buffy the Vampire Slayer (it was used in one of early season 4 episodes) I chose a video with clips from the good but tragically short lived show "Moonlight". I really hope the SciFi Channel picks up the reruns (a great way to kill time until the final run of Battlestar Galactica and the return of Eureka).

Interstate - I Found You (From Paul Oakenfold's "Creamfields" album)
In my opinion when you want something that combines the laid back "sit on the beach and sip a drink while reading" calm of Cafe del Mar and the "moving and shaking on the dance floor until you're drenched in sweat and have to go outside for air" energy of whatever genre you dance to, vocal trance is the way to go. The beats are just strong enough to get you on the dance floor but the vocals (often done by women who have had their voices electronically altered to give them an etheral sound) are light enough to keep you from going all out. Such a nice blend.


frau sally benz said...

I was wondering when I'd be able to jam to another song title post!

Great picks, especially the Sting song which I'd never actually heard before. I'm not a huge Alicia Keys fan, but Unbreakable is impossible to not sing along to.

Nice way to end the year! Maybe I can muster up enough creativity to post one up before tomorrow night.

BigFred said...

Unbreakable is good choice.
I'm not familiar with a lot of Sting's work (Shape of my heart is good, and the one Puff Daddy used is okay) so I too have to listen to some more of his work.

Danny said...

I am so glad people are noticing these posts...(motivates me to make more).