Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Demonic Fury at Work

At first I thought I was gonna have some cool shit to put into my 100th post but so far this week has been so shitty that I just have to vent.

I know that I'm probably about one declaration away from claiming an activist title and all but some days after putting up with the bullshit that I put up with at work I just feel like committing violence. No need to be shy I'm sure you've had those moments in you life when things like patience, calm, and tranquility go straight out the window and the inner demon takes over. So let me ask you. When you think dark thoughts like that is there music playing in your mind and if so what is it?

Here's mine:

The song playing in the background is called Demon's Theme by LTJ Bukem. I'm most of you will recognize the video clips of Akuma (which roughly translates into devil or demon) from the Street Fighter series of video games. Pure unadultred violence...


sally said...

I read your post during one of my most stressful days ever and thought to myself "wtf, are Danny and I leading the same life?!"

I don't know what song plays when I'm actually in the moment of feeling the anger, but the only way I ever pull through it is by putting on Foo Fighter's Everlong or Thursday's For the Workforce, Drowning. Depending on exactly what's going on or how bad the day is, I need to listen to both several times before I snap out of it.

Danny said...

Interesting choices for music to get you through the day. Maybe its just my reaction but music like that would get me more amped up if I heard it while stressed.

But they are cool songs though.

sally said...

I can definitely see that! For me, I would never act on anything, so I need the music to take me to my highest limit where I let out my aggression by singing instead of hitting.

I did once give myself a splinter while rocking out to Everlong, but that's the closest I've gotten to violence.