Monday, December 15, 2008

10 songs that should be in Rock Band

Since I don't feel like trying to make up for the last 2 missed song title link posts (I think I'm gonna cut back on them so I can spread them over time) I'll make a music post about Rock Band.

Rock Band you ask? Why that is a music game that is available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii consoles. Just like the name says the game allows up to four players simulate the experience of a band (singer, guitarist, bassist, and/or drummer). Check out a video right here. Singer on top then from left to right are guitarist, drummer, and bassist. Yes I know that is a woman singing Chop Suey and it doesn't quite feel right but its game and she can sing whatever she wants right? Speaking of I was at a party while I was on vacation and heard a black woman at the party fucking rock the vocals on this song so I know a woman can sing it.

Now after seeing that I'm sure you can think of a lot songs you would just love to play right? Here's my picks.

1. High and Mighty Color - Ichi no Hana

2. Spongebob Movie OST - Goofy Goober Rock (Laugh all you want but this song rocks hard.)

3. Korn - Freak on a Leash (This song is in the recently released Guitar Hero World Tour)

4. Devics - Key

5. Stance Punks - No Boy No Cry (I personally think the drummer should get an automatic 100% score if he/she can hit all the drum beats in the first 20 seconds of this song.)

6. Alanis Morrissette - You Oughta Know

7. Garbage - The World is Not Enough

8. Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children OST - One Winged Angel (The only vocals in this song is choir like chanting so the singer may not be happy about this one.)

9. Saliva - Ladies and Gentlemen (The clips are from the Halo games but the song is by Saliva)

10. Angie Hart - Blue

So what would you like to try your hand at playing?

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BigFred said...

While I've never played the game myself, (Would any self respecting real guitarist do so? just kidding), I've got a few bands I would recommend on there.

1. Weezer
2. Green Day
3. Nirvana (nuff said, yeah I read comics)
4. The Pixies (Where is my mind?)
5. Red Hot Chilipeppers