Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who got game? She got game.

You don't get too many Jackie Robinson moments in pro sports so find it interesting to have one happen during my life time. The gender barrier in Japan's profession baseball league has been broken by 16 year old Eri Yoshida.

According to the article she drew inspiration from Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield and his (not as in he invented it but he is one of few major pitchers to use it effectively) knuckleball pitch, which is a difficult pitch to learn much less master or use on a regular basis.

The team manager says, "Her sidearm knuckleballs dip and sway, and could be an effective weapon for us,".

Not to say that she wants to but perhaps as she gets experience and fame in Japan we may one day see her on the list of talents being brought from Japan to America to play. I hope she has a great career.

(For the record I think watching baseball is the one thing in this world that can actually bore me to tears but everyone gets down their own way.)