Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two unexpected birthday presents...

An employee at one of our branches dropped off a stash of Halloween leftover candy when she came by my office today. This stash is f'n huge. It was a bag of mini Hershey candy bars (not the tiny ones, the ones that are about 2in. long). It sucks that I was so bogged down in Help Desk calls that I did not get to thank her in person. But I did make certain send her a thank you email.

And then Portly Dyke decided to reveal her true full name. Now that is a big deal. Its pretty scary to give your full name these days with ID theft, threats, and other nonsense. I know she didn't do it for me specifically but since she is one of the feminists that restored my faith the movement I think its a big deal.

Maybe one of these days I'll have the guts to give the other two thirds of my name.

Now I'm off to try to write a song title link post in record time...