Thursday, November 20, 2008

That's The Way to light My Fire with your Burning Heat!!!

Now I know that the title of this post can probably be taken several ways but I liked how it feel into place so I went with it. All of the songs in this sentence can be found in the various versions of Dance Dance Revolution.

KC & The Sunshine Band - I'm sure you're heard this song before. At first I thought it was odd to hear this on a Japanese video game but then I came to realize that this was not the first and it would not be the last.

Dance Dance Revolution 1st Mix - My Fire
Most of the music in the Dance Dance Revolution (screw this I'm just using DDR from here on out) is faced paced for the sake of getting you hyped up and moving. Despite its age this song still gets me amped to play (to the point that I wish my back would let me start playing again).

DDR Burning Heat - Remember that side scrolling space shooter Gradius from way back in the day? Yeah those are Konami games just like the DDR series which gave them the chance to remix some of those old themes. And I have to say that the old 16-bit sounds blend with the modern sounds to make a nice nostalgic track.

I'm going to have to dig up my copy of Stepmania. What is Stepmania you ask? Well that is a free DDR simulator that allows you to play on you keyboard. A nice thing for people who are physically unable to play or are too shy to get on a DDR machine in public.

BTW most of the songs that you hear in these games are shortened versions of standard full length songs so don't be scared to search them out.