Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorry Renee

Okay in the last year or so my attention has been drawn to various human right issues. Now as person who doesn't know a lot as well not being a member of many of the groups one reads about you're gonna get my bumps and bruises (whether they are my own fault is another story). And along the way you will genuinely incur the wrath of other bloggers and other bloggers will just auto-hate because you agree with them. But I think to day I almost had the former happen because of the latter.

Over at Womanist Musings Renee put a post about how one group's rights (in this instance the rights of gays) should not take precedence over another. She gave her own interpretation of what the poster the person in the picture is carrying and I offered a different one.

Well since some people just can't stand to hear a different opinion they resort to childish tactics. Accuse them of derailing, insult you, and my personal favorite call them a troll. Just think of it like calling someone a witch or accusing someone of conspiring against the establishment. They can't confront you on what you say so they have to pick other avenues. That is pretty much what happened to me on that thread.

Well when it happens you can do one of two things. You can either try to defend yourself or you can just leave. Now defending yourself is a noble thing. Who wants to be attacked, especially when its uncalled for? The problem is when you do that you run the risk of taking the discussion off course which in turn proves the people right that you were trying to take the discussion off course.

And that is what I was about to do to Renee's discussion today. I went in tried to say something got attacked in my efforts to set the record straight I ended up taking things off course. And it really didn't help that in responding I said some pretty mean stuff too. My bad Renee. So now that I've decided to defend myself and almost ruin the topic what else is there left to do? Leave. And that is I'll do. Sure I'll lurk it but it would be better for me to stop commenting.

Sorry Renee.


Renee said...

Danny, I can understand how you feel. If you decide that you know longer wish to comment, I for one will really miss your voice. We do not always agree but our exchanges have been in good faith and I believe an excellent example of how people should converse about controversial subjects.

Part of the problem with the blog is that I seriously don't want to do the moderation thing. I do want to have to delete comments and censor people. Yeah, the liberal in me has a huge problem playing big brother. I want people to be able to police themselves and act like decent human beings.

I have been debating about what to do with this issue and to be honest have not come up with any good solutions. This is a terrible line that I never really expected to deal with. I had not idea when I started Womanist Musings that a community would actually develop around it the way it has.

At any rate I understand your position and if you should decide you are not comfortable commenting anymore no that I will miss you. Your perspective was unique and encouraged me to think about my answers and that was the purpose of the blog in the first place.

Danny said...

Oh don't worry Renee. I just backed out of that thread, not from your site.

I don't mind disagreeing with people but if there is one thing I've learned in the last year of blogging is that I should not let someone bait me into throwing a topic off course, especially on someone else's site. Those two or three people in that thread had no interest in civil disagreement with me. They just wanted to pat themselves on the back (and probably get a cookie from you) for vanquishing the big bad "troll".

Hell I'm still trying to figure out how valerie came in referencing the "...millions, millions, millions...of women" but I was playing the Oppression Olympics.

I don't always see eye to eye with you but there is no way in hell I'm gonna let a few flamebaiters run me away from your place.

Renee said...

That's good to know Danny. I just want you know that you are a welcome presence on Womanist Musings. There are many I would love to see hit the road and never darken my door again but you are not on that list.

Danny said...