Wednesday, November 5, 2008


We now have a new president coming in. And I have to say that having Bush leave office in a few months and knowing that the next in line is not an older white guy is a nice birthday present indeed (which is coming up in a few hours).

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to say that all older white guys are bad presidents I'm saying that it is refreshing to see people get over the assumption that the leader of the free world has to be on.

And I'm not naive enough to think that Obama's successful run for the White House will remove all the problem plaguing this country, namely racism. I'll bet that even as you read this somewhere there is someone calling him a nigger, coon, uncle tom, etc....(and I'll bet they aren't all white). But what his run for the White House means is that things are getting better. Think about it. Do you think that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have had a snowball's chance in hell going for the White House in '64? I'm sure we can all agree he wouldn't have.

We (and by we I don't mean just black people but ALL of us) can't afford to rest on our laurels yet but a big stepping stone like this is just too big to overlook.

And the identity of the next butt in the chair of the Oval Office was not the only thing up in the air yesterday:

Proposition K:
This was a measure on the ballot in San Francisco, California. If passed it would have stopped police from "enforcing laws against sex workers and eliminate funding for anti-prostitution programs." Such a proposition would have been a great help to sex workers. It would have taken away some of the fear of going to police when they need help. Just like any other occupation sex workers face job hazards and should be protected. OSHA is there to make sure construction and industrial areas are safe. There is legal recourse for people who are treated unfairly by their employers. So adding some protection for sex workers makes sense right?

Then why was it voted down? I don't live in San Francisco and I don't live in California. I've never been a sex worker and I've never known a sex worker (mind you I may have known them and they chose not to tell me). But even I can tell that this measure was logical and sound idea. Don't believe me? Then check out the word of a woman that fits two of the four things I named (she is a sex worker and knows many sex workers).

Proposition 8:
This makes me sad. How in the world can anyone with a straight face vote for a measure that would ban marriage between two loving adults based on nothing more than the fact that the two loving adults are the same gender? That's it. They are adults. They are both consenting. But because they would both use the same bathroom at a public place they can't get married in California.

And in a very close race in for the governor seat here in NC Beverly Purdue became the first female governor in our states history.

Okay I was gonna add more but my left forearm is killing me. I think carpal tunnel may be kicking in...