Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rise Hunter, lest Hallucinations of a Ruined World leave you crying Into The Night.

Kanno Yoko & Origa - Rise
This is the opening theme to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig. If you like technology and political intrigue then I HIGHLY recommend this show. 2nd Gig is the second season of the series but you don't really have to see season one (but it is good though) to understand it.

Bjork - Hunter
You know I love me some Bjork. Not only is this song mellow while simultaneously full of powerful but the transformation into a bear is cool. Reminds me that I must restart my research on power animals and totems...

In The Nursery - Hallucinations (Dream world mix)
I first heard this song on the old Street Fighter II anime movie. It is played before one the most badass anime fights ever (Chun Li totally owns Vega).

Chrono Trigger OST - Ruined World
This is the over world theme for the ruined future you have to look forward to if you fail to defeat Lavos in 1999. I hear this game is about to be released for the DS with new content.

Julee Cruise - Into the Night
Twin Peaks was a weird ass show but it has some of the nicest music. Soft and sad. It really fit the mood for a show that was about the investigation of a young girl's death. And I have to say that as a guy I can so totally imagine Julee's voice as a siren whose gentle voice would lure me to my death.

Okay so I didn't quite get this done by midnight but I have to say to have thought of this in about 30min. I feel good about myself. My day may have been crappy but at least I got to end it on a good note.