Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I blame American Pie...

When I was in high school (in the mid 90s) I realized I had a thing for older women. At that time when other high school guys are checking out teachers and students their own age I noticed that I was paying a bit more attention to the teachers. Even now I can recall my teachers (especially my history and Spanish teachers) more clearly than the girls in my class.

In college it was the same thing. I was looking at the grad students and professors than I did the women around my own age (and I even had a crush on a classmate that's 10 years older than I but that is a another story for another day). Well around that time a movie by the name of American Pie released.

Even with all the nonsense and comedy in that film (but I do like that fact that they centered around four different guys to show that not all high school guys think like that) it was pretty funny. But more importantly that movie introduced the term M.I.L.F. For the two of you that don't know what that means Mother I'd Like to Fuck. At first I embraced the term as a label for my attraction to older women. But now I almost wish no one had ever put that phrase together.

The term does not even scratch the surface of what I (and I'm sure other people) feel about older women. American Pie made it sound like an attraction to older women is just the desire to shag a "mature woman". And even porn sites have picked up on it (just take my word that you DO NOT want to search MILF in a search engine) There is more to it like there is more to being attracted to any person. You enjoy their looks. You enjoy being with them. You want to talk with them. You want to hear them talk. And while part of the attraction may be sexual its only just that...a part.