Friday, November 28, 2008

Forgive me for I have sinned...

We all know yesterday was Thanksgiving. Plenty of food, drink, laughing, and merriment. So I'm just gonna skip to something someone said late last night. I was over at my sister's place and a cousin of one of her friends was over. He had already eaten one Thanksgiving meal and we were all joking about him eating so much. But one thing that he said rang through my head though.

I make sure to clean my plate because there are people that don't have this much food.
Good point.
Last night I ate only one meal but in that one meal I ate so much that I had indigestion all night and even though that meal was about 6pm last night I am just starting to get hungry again. I'm sure there are countless people who only had enough to satisfy their basic hunger and countless more that went hungry last night.
Ever since I can remember I've always said that I was thankful for my meals but I've never really thought about that on Thanksgiving (or at any other time of the year for that matter)before he said that but its so true. And it makes me feel horrible. The fact that I have access to enough food that I can actually get sick from eating while there are people who are sick because they do not have access to enough food to eat.

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Renee said...

With the government subsidizing food it has become so cheap that we have all come to take it for granted. With the economy being what it is that is changing. On was watching the news the other day and sales of meat or are going down and spam is flying off the shelves. The last time it sold this well was during the great depression.