Saturday, November 29, 2008

The embrace of Your Loving Arms means The End of my Lonliness

It would seem that Frau Sally Benz has taken a fancy to my song title link posts.

Your Loving Arms - Armin Van Buuren Remix (w/ vocals by Karen Overton)
When you want to just listen to a nonstop mix of beats, rhythms, and sounds there's nothing better than a dj mix. This song comes from the album A State of Trance 2006 by Armin Van Buuren.

Llorca - The End
From the album Ambient Lounge Vol. 1. More of the laid back mellow music I listen to. Its amazing how stressed I am despite owning so much mellow music.

Tomcraft - Loneliness
As someone that really does not like to dance I sure like dance music don't I? Well yes I do. It's just something about the energy that flows through dance music that I just can't get away from. From a four disc album titled "The No.1 Trance Classics".

Now it's time to go think about next week link.