Saturday, November 15, 2008

After 10 long years...

About 10 years ago I was a member of a now defunct (for the most part defunct but a few of us still keep up with each other on MySpace) group of AOL chatters that went by the name The Regs. Someone in that group passed around a song that was labeled Mystery.mp3 asking if anyone knew what the song was called. For the life us no one knew what it was called. There was no tag info on it either for months we would ask if anyone had ID'd it yet and the answer was always no. Over time the group drifted apart and the identity of that song was lost to the ages...or so I thought.

Every once in a while I would try in vain to find the name of the song for my own satisfaction. Well tonight I upgraded my version of WinAmp and discover that it has the ability to search out any missing info on your songs like title, artist, album, etc... I was having a good bit of success with so I say what the hell and give it a try with my copy of Myster.mp3 and I got a hit. All the info was in Japanese characters except for the song title which should the name "Be in the Mirror". A search of that on google lead me to the answer.

A blasted song from Tekken 2. I've spent almost 10 years trying to identify a song and it was from a video game. While I was never a fan of Tekken it kinda makes me feel bad that I used to call myself a gamer but didn't recognize a song from one of most popular fighting series in gaming history.