Friday, October 3, 2008

Hundred Dollar Biscuit and and Joe Six Pack of beer

This is two different stories but I don't feel like making another post. Well that and I want something funny and serious for my 50th post. Anyway on with the show.

Good News: I was ready for work 20min. early this morning.

Bad News: I was 10min. late to work this morning.

Good News: I got a Ham & Egg Biscuit for breakfast this morning.

Bad News: I paid $100 for that Ham & Egg Biscuit this morning.

Good News: I have until December 10th to pay for the $100 Ham & Egg Biscuit.

Bad News: I have until Dec. 10 because the trooper that gave me the $100 Seatbelt ticket I got after I left the house 20min. early to get my Ham & Egg Biscuit also gave me an continuance instead of giving me the next immediate court date (10-29).

Now on to the seriousness. Okay last night Joe Biden and Sarah Palin met for the Vice Presidential debate. Well due to the fact that her oppenent named Joe there were plenty of "average joe six pack" moments appearently. Well in honor of that reference we have this from Feminsting. Take a moment to look at it.

Get it? The joke is a play on words. Since Biden is supposed to be "Joe Sixpack" someone edited a photo of him onto the body of a man with six pack-style abs. Now I'm all for a good joke but I have to ask: What makes this okay but the slightest reference to the faintest inkling of the tiniest hint of a sexist joke against Palin warrants a rallying call to gather the troops?

Its possible to crack a joke on someone without resorting to sexism.