Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Either they are responsible or not...

We are all constantly told that children are below the age of consent and therefore should not be held accountable for their actions within reason. A kid starts a fight at school and they get suspended. A boy graffiti tags the side of a building he gets community service. A girl shoplifts and she gets arrested. All of those things sound like reasonable measures for the crimes they commit. But what about when "the crime" is something outside the norm or when victim ends up getting punished for being a victim?

First there's the under aged boy who was raped by an adult woman. Yes I know the word rape does not come up in that article but at the time of the sexual acts she was 19 and he was 15. To make matters worse she got pregnant as a result. To make it worse still the under aged boy has been sued for child support. To make it even worse still a judge ordered him to pay $50/month in child support. Stop to take that shit in.

Yes an adult woman raped an under aged boy, got pregnant by him, sued him for child support, and won. Okay how can this happen? So you have a person who has been declared unable to consent to sex due to age. But at the same time this person, who was declared unable to consent to sex due to age, has been deemed responsible for the child that was produced as a result of him being raped. And that doesn't even cover the fact that a rapist is keeping custody of the child that was born out of her raping the child's father.

Next we have an under aged girl who distributed nude photos of herself to other minors. Now as mentioned before under aged kids are not able to consent to sexual acts because of them not being old enough. So why has she been arrested and now faces two charges: illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material, a second degree felony; and possession of criminal tools, a fifth degree felony?

When a child is forced by an adult to pose for nude photos for distribution we all know that is a crime due to the fact that a person is being forced and that person that is being forced is a child. But when a child decides to pose for her own nude photos and distribute its a crime? A person under the age of consent is declared to not be able to consent to sexual acts. The charges she faces implies that she is of age and knowingly performed illegal acts.

So on one hand you have people who have been legally declared to be unable to consent to sexual acts but on the other hand those same people are being treated like of age adults for the sexual acts they commit. Either they are under aged kids that cannot be held responsible for their actions or they are not. Can't have it both ways.