Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An attempt at goodwill...

Sometime recently Glenn Sacks and Lisa Kansas had some sort of interaction. I'm not sure about the exacts of the interaction but that's really not the reason I'm posting this.

Most of the time when Glenn crosses paths feminists (and its usually not under the best of circumstances) he will extend his hand to them in the form of an invitation to post on his site as a part of the "Feminist Dissent" series. What is that you ask? Well its a series of posts on Glenn's site that are written by feminists to give them the chance to tell their side of things.

Now I know you're thinking that since Glenn is an MRA he obviously has no (and the posters on his site) desire to get an understanding of how feminists think. Well you're wrong. It's not everyday you see feminists and MRAs interacting with each other without it turning into the war to end all wars. Now yes there are some on that site that use the series as chance to lash out at feminists but there is good interaction going on there too.

While I don't want to speak for Glenn I'm pretty sure that any feminist that wanted to could contact him with interest in making a post in his "Feminist Dissent" series.

Don't be scared to check it out.