Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Two things missing...

Alright first I want you to read this.

Now can you tell me two things missing here from this article?

1. There is no mention of the word rape.

It's not like we are talking about a 17yr. old and a 15yr. old having sex. She was 25 and he was 12 when they started having sex with each other. As we all know 12 year old children are not able to consent to sex. We all know that when people have sex and one of the parties involved does not give consent, cannot give consent, or is rendered unable to give consent it is rape. So due to the fact that this 12 year old boy is legally not able to give consent he was raped by Kelsey Peterson.

2. Even though it come up later I notice there is no mention of sex offender registry.

So you mean to tell me that Genarlow Wilson was staring down the barrel of 10 years in prison (thankfully he only served two) and sex offender registry for performing sex on a 15 year old girl while he was 17 but this woman was only sentenced to six years for having sex with a child that was only half her age and there is no mention of sex registration. I really hope this will come up later.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is a double standard when it comes to child sex offenders. If this had been a male teacher and regardless of the child's gender he would have gotten at least a decade in prison and he would have been put on the sex offender registry before he walked through the gate of the prison.

Okay now that I've taken a moment to say something about this I have other things to work on.