Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay I'm sure we all know that today is September 11. Yes sever years ago today a very horrible and tragic thing happened. Back in 2001 when this happened I was a sales associate (I think that translates into cashier) at a Spencer Gifts shop. And what a learning experience it was to be employed there at that time. The terrorist bombing occured on Tuesday Sept. 11 2001 and despite the sheer horror of the events of that day but I did not think the events that were to follow would play out like they did.

The very next day while I was at work I had the join of having an interesting conversation with a old lady:
Old Lady: "Do you have any flags?"
Me: "No we do not."
Old Lady: "Well, you should."
And she walks off.

At this point I had two choices. I could either:
A. Inform my dear potential customer that, "Well, you could have made sure you had flags before yesterday."

B. Exercise my right to remain silent.

Due to the fact that I literally could not afford to be an unemployed college student I chose option B. Damn shame that informing someone of their pop-patriotism (that would be the concept of embracing patriotism because it is popular) could cost you your job. But even more of a damn shame is the fact there were people who before Sept. 11 did not have any faint inclination of patriotism suddenly bum-rushed stores to stock up on flags, buttons, pins, and other knickknacks.

Given the fact that since Spencer Gifts is in the business of making money it didn't matter if the patriotism was preexisting or not. But it was pretty easy to tell which it was when on Thursday we got a special shipment of patriotic merchandise. How special you ask? We normally got our shipments on Mondays.

Hell I just noticed that I've taken so long on this its actually 9-12 now (I started this before midnight though).

One more thing. I've read stories over the last few years of people whose birthdays are on 9-11 and how people actually get mad at them for having parties and being happy. Did those terrorist attacks do so much damage that the day of Sept. 11 has been permanently scared so that now and forever no one is allowed to be happy? Yeah right. Say want you want about 9-11 but I'm not going to begrudge people their birthday happiness. Just like I did for several years before the attacks when I wake up on that day the first thing I think of will still be my brother's birthday. Its a numbers game. The attacks occurred seven years ago but my brother was born 31 years ago.