Thursday, September 18, 2008

It Feels so Good, I I'm in Paradise

Sonique - It Feels so Good
A British DJ/Singer. She had some success in the UK but for the most part in the US she would considered a one hit wonder. But mind you that one hit is pretty damn awesome.

Akira Yamaoka - I Feel...
This song appears in the music games Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania IIDX (which is pronounced 2DX). And like most DDR and Beatmania songs there are multiple mixes of this song (you can search them out on youtube). It kinda sounds like a mix of mellow trance music with high pace dance music. The singer of this song, Akira Yamaoka, sings a lot of the music used in the Silent Hill (which is property of Konami like DDR and Beatmania) games. If you want to freak yourself the hell out listen to this.

Vengaboys - Paradise
I know this is image in no way matches but its the only vid I could find with the full length of the song. The only lyric is every few seconds a female voice says the word paradise. I first heard this while riding with a college friend a few years ago. Such a nice night driving song...