Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guys ask yourselves and ladies ask any guys you know...

Is there any truth to this video entitled "Male Restroom Etiquette"?

Now obviously some of the stuff in the video is outrageously not true there is a lot of stuff in there that is true at least from what I've seen.

The part on how to pick a urinal? True. Now a lot of people think that the reason men try hard as they do to not be near each other when picking urinals is because of fear of having a homo erotic moment. Thats not always the case. Yeah there are some unenlightened guys out there that think that but for the most part it comes from the fact when you use the bathroom you want as much personal space as possible and urinals don't quite give enough.

The part on no eye contact and no speaking? Mostly true. The bathroom is a place for two things, using the bathroom and washing your hands for whatever reason they got dirty. Neither of those acts require much in the way of communication. However there are times when eye contact happens and the usual response if a nod of the head and a generic greeting of, "Whats up?" or "Whats going on?" Its not like guys walk into the bathroom with the specific intent to not talk to another guy. Its just that those other guys are strangers therefore there is no need for long drawn out conversation with them.

This is video is not an universal truth but there are things that hold true.