Sunday, September 28, 2008

Elitism at its finest...

It's messed up that I can't get a simple $16,000 to pay off my student loans but I can cough up $7,000 (that's about how much each taxpayer has to give up to cover that $700 billion bailout) to help the rich?

I'm sure by now everyone else has put this up by now but Wanda Sykes lays it down.

One thing about her comments on Palin. She comments about how its sexist to go asking about how she can juggle motherhood and her position. It is unfair to ask her about those things and Wanda points out how people don't ask men those questions. The reason people don't ask men those questions because they assume that men are not in and do not want to be in their children's lives.

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Renee said...

No reason that people don't ask that question is because socially women still do most of the child rearing.