Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do you value the uniqueness of others?

It would seem that since young Matt Alsip's method of expression doesn't mesh with what is "acceptable" expression his uniqueness is not valued. The black makeup that he wears has been deemed extreme or distracting according to the school rule that is cited as the reason for making him take it off. Let's cut through the bull here there are two simple reasons why they want him to take it off and neither is because the makeup he wears is extreme or distracting.

First off it's not that the makeup itself is extreme or distracting (simple black lipstick and black eyeliner) its the fact that a boy is wearing makeup that is extreme or distracting. If a girl were to go to school with all black makeup on she would get funny looks and people would whisper behind her back about how she worships Satan, writes sad poetry, is obsessed with death, and wants to commit suicide (more on all that in the next paragraph) but the administration would not tell her to take it off. It would be one thing if there were/are complaints from the other students because at least then it would be a distraction. That would not magically make it okay to put this young boy through such hell but at least then it would fit the criteria for a distraction. But doesn't it seem like the school administration is creating the distraction they don't want?

I'm sure you can already think of the second. Goth. Even though he didn't not say it himself at a quick glance it would be very easy for one to assume that he is of the gothic persuasion. Note that I say look like because all black attire and makeup a goth does not make. (I even dress goth sometimes but I don't consider myself goth, more like goth-friendly.) And to the uneducated masses and the masses that refuse to believe otherwise goth people are believed to be the ones that commit suicide, think they are vampires, sacrifice people to Satan, and most frightening of all shoot-up schools. The school administrators are probably patting themselves on the back for preventing their school from becoming another Columbine.

By all that is holy goth people are not the telltale sign of school violence. They have been around for decades and no one seemed to bother them that much until the mainstream found out about them. Check out this vid clip of Voltaire on Fox News to get you started on finding out what goth really is and is not.

And while I'm giving a shoutout to Voltaire allow me to link to Anastasia, one of the most beautiful songs ever: