Monday, September 22, 2008

Days of a Future Past...

This post contains spoilers about the Season 3 premiere of Heroes. If you don't want it spoiled then DO NOT READ THIS!!!!! You have been warned.

Remember how season 2 ended with Peter's brother Nathan getting shot at a press conference? Well thankfully the writers decided to not string out the identity of the shooter for a large chunk of the season. But that is not what caught my attention.

The thing that drew interest is the conversation that Peter and Claire have four years in the future. Peter is running (and by the looks of things he was being chased but his chasers are not revealed) and ends up in an empty warehouse where Claire is waiting for him with a gun pointed at him. Both Claire (with a different hair color) and Peter (with the standard scar across his face to signify that he has had a rough time) are dressed in all black they seem a lot different from the teenage cheerleader and directionless home health nurse from season one. Not only do they look different but Claire has vowed to kill Peter. Before she can shoot he tells her that he can go back fix the what went wrong. He promises to prevent the camps, the experiments, the life on the run. Ignoring his pleas Claire fires. Obviously Peter simply paused time to stop the bullet but then he takes her gun and teleports the press conference that Nathan giving. As soon has gets close enough our scarred Peter puts two rounds in the chest of Nathan.

At this point you may be wondering about the title "Days of Future Past." That was the name of a story arc in the X-Men comics about the character Bishop who went back in time (from 2099 I think) to prevent the genocide that was carried out on mutants in his own time. This genocide was triggered by the death of Dr. Charles Xavier.

I find it weird that Bishop had to go back in time to prevent a murder to save his time period while Peter had to go back in time and commit a murder to save his time period.

And the most interesting part? All of this happened in the first five minutes of the show.

Edit: Actually Peter was not going back in time to specifically commit a murder but more like he was willing to commit murder to save his time period.

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