Monday, August 11, 2008

What do you do and why do you do it?

In recent months I've been getting my feet wet in the waters of various human rights groups/sides/movements or whatever they call themselves. I've seen men's rights advocates that want to see equality between the sexes. I've seen feminists that want equality between the sexes. I've GLBT (that's Gay Lesbian BiSexual Transexual) activists telling their stories and rasing awareness of their issues. I've seen people of color expressing their desires for a world free of racism. So many causes, so few resources.

So many in fact that my head spins over the fact that so many things are wrong with this world. How can anyone choose one specific cause while knowing that others exist? Yes ultimately they may intersect (since most of these movements about equality) but how does one manage to hone in on one cause and devote their resources to it.

So my question is: What is your activism and why do you do it?

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John said...

I do volunteer work for wildlife conservation and other environmental causes. In the past, I have done some volunteer work visiting people in the hospital or at food pantries and soup kitchens. I choose the small-scale route rather than political activism because I feel like my small contribution has a more direct effect that way.