Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Because 3-13-09 is going to be an interesting day...

That will be the day that Resident Evil 5 will be unleashed on survival horror game fans worldwide. There are two big things to note:

As Bomber Girl from Girl in the Machine points out one of the main protagonists is a woman of color by the name of Sheva Alomar. This is noteworthy due to the fact that prominent women of color are few and far between in video games. And not only that but it appears from early clips of gameplay that Sheva will not be taking the role of the typical damsel in distress. You know that woman that you have to protect/escort to safety? The one that you at times you have to literally stand in front of to keep from getting hurt? Yeah that one. Granted most of the time this if because the A.I. of said damsel is not that great and seems to be programmed to walk into danger. But not Alomar. Oh no folks she carries guns and is not afraid to use them. I personally don't play Resident Evil games (but I've watched full playthroughs of 1-3 and Code Veronica) but this seems interesting. Not interesting enough to play mind you, but interesting no less.

The other thing to note is that due to its location the majority of the infected population in Resident Evil 5 is going to be African. This could be a problem. I personally don't have a problem with because the game is taking place in Africa so obviously going to have Africans as the infected populous. But given the racial tension in this country I get the feeling as we get closer to release day a lot more people are going to be talking about this.

I just thought I'd inform you folks of a storm that may be coming on 3-13-09.