Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Are you sure YOU aren't the one doing it wrong?

I suppose I have Daran of the Feminist Critics Blog for my recent efforts to get my thoughts straight or as he puts it, sharpen my saw.

Today's thought (of many I assure you) is about a post by Renee at Womanist Musings. In said post she talks about political correctness and the sensitivity training that companies go through. At first I was going to just make a comment but then I realized how long it was and decided to bring it here.

The part of her post that triggered this post:
Telling someone to be silent without engaging with them on the history of why the isms as they stand are harmful produces no lasting results. Instead, people further entrench themselves in their individual privileges as a form of armour against being spoken to, instead of with.

Which is why I've never liked the "Shut up. You're privileged." type of "activism" that some people use. If the person you claim to be enlightening is locked down and not allowed to interact then how can they learn? Of course they can't dominate the conversation but you can't snap at them when they try to speak either.

I'm sure alot of people are smuggly thinking, "That's why they need to shup up and listen." That's not always going to work. Its fact that for a lot of people they have to actually try something to get a feel for it and to understand it. (I've been done this myself in feminist discussions in an effort to understand where they are coming from.)

And this is just the reason why I despise all those blasted "troll lists" and "bingo cards" and other crap. Those are nothing more than clever (and I mean that VERY lossely) attempts at predicting what someone is going to say and to silence dissenting voices.

It would do well for "enlightened people" like that to come down off their high horses and actually talk to the people they are trying to enlighten instead of talking down at them and when they speak up claim that they are are the one(s) trying to speak from the high horse position.