Thursday, July 10, 2008

For when you abolutely positively to justify your position of power...

We all know that judicial bodies just cannot stand being made to look foolish for pursuing trumped up charges. When the courts have been humiliated by the fact that they were caught trying to build weak cases on weak evidence against people who truly are innocent they must prove that they are indeed the law of the land therefore they must make an example out of someone.

The city of Boston (not the people mind you) needed to thrown someone under the bus for those "bomb-like devices" that were put up as part of the advertising for the Aquateen Hungerforce movie last year. Mike Nifong didn't care about destroying the lives of three young men when he tried to prosecute them on false rape charges. And it looks like the state of Connecticut is still trying to put substitute teacher Julie Amero on trial for showing porn to underage children in school.

Okay people this state is trying to bring this woman to trial over something that was proven to be a mistake when it happened three years ago. The computer in question had malicious software on it and said software is what caused the porn to pop up. Amero has been proven to be almost computer illiterate. The exposure was only for a few seconds and she actively tried to stop the kids from seeing anything. Oh and did I mention that originally she was staring down the barrel of a possible 40 years in prison? There are murderers and rapists that don't face that much time. I know some of you are out there thinking that once the conviction was overturned the closing credits rolled as she walked off into the sunset right? Think again .

Apparently she has lost a job because of her arrest record. She was in a line of work that included contact with children and she is being charged with a sex crime involving over for that career. She may now be on medication. Her and her legal counsel have to "play it smart" by remaining silent for fear of incurring the wrath of the state. And worst of all she may have lost a baby because of the extreme stress. Read that again. It is possible that the state has strung this woman along on false charges for so long that she (and the world) may have lost a precious child. (I want anyone who assumes that false charges don't hurt the accused to reread that until they realize that false charges can cause life altering damage.)

If this woman had intentionally tried to show porn to those children I'd be the first one to say that she needs to go down hard. This is instead a computer illiterate woman that is sitting in the cross hairs of an angry court system that wanted a high profile case to prosecute. Just leave the poor woman alone and let her try to put her life back together.