Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can I pleez has lotsa choices in summer clothes too?

For those of you reading this that don't know I am not the smallest person in the world. So when it comes time to do some clothes (and I'm including shoes too) shopping my options are In fact over the years I've come up with a 2 rules that I go by when shopping:

1. Unless there is an actual Big & Tall store in said mall DO NOT bother going to a mall for clothes. You will only get your feelings hurt when you walk into Aeropostle, GAP, Banana Republic, Abercombie & Fitch and all those other stores to realize that they don't carry any pants over a 34 waist or a shirt over XL.

2. If your shop focuses on a specific item (winkwinkShoeCarnivalwinkwink) and you don't have a certain size, then you need to work on your focus. Yeah I'm looking at you and your "We don't carry anything over a size 14." asses Shoe Carnival. And if the item you "focus" on is in the name of your store and you still can't satify any size then plain and simple you have failed.

I don't expect all shops to just roll over and start selling only big and tall stuff but goodness I think there are enough of us out there that the selection can be a little bigger.

P.S. - For mercy's sake can someone please tell me why a standard t-shirt in size XL may cost $5 but that same shirt in XXXL will cost $7 or $8? Those few extra inches of material can't cost that much?

And it would seem that Shayera and folk at her spot are not pleased with the poor selection of plus sized clothes.