Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Because Madagascar is the safest place on earth...

You ever have one of those days where you could just kill all of humanity? Go ahead and admit that you do. Well if biological weaponry is your cup of tea then Pandemic 2 may be the thing for you. The objective is develop a biological terror that eventually kills everyone on Earth.

You get the choice of Virus (grows more quickly but weaker against environmental conditions), Bacteria (pretty much all around average), or Parasite (grows slower but more resistant to drug treatment). Once you pick you get to name your disease and then the fun begins. Over time you get to level up your disease with evolution points. Various upgrades include symptoms (like sneezing, dementia, and kidney failure), resistances (to drugs, water, or cold), and transmission method (waterborne, rodents, or insects). But don't think that the governments of the world will just let you kill them and their people off.

In response to your outbreak the countries of the world (which are actually regions with some simply named after countries) may begin to close their airports, exterminate rodents, and ultimately close their borders to stop your infection. Oh and the scientific community may try to develop a vaccine for your disease.

All in all its a pretty fun way to kill time. But, as the title says, Madagascar is next to impossible to infect. Go check it out.